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Filmeuse ONEWRAP

Filmeuse ONEWRAP

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The SIAT OneWrap is a semi-automatic machine for wrapping palletized loads with stretch film. It is the right solution for the most common pallet wrapping needs and applications. Designed according to the highest safety standards (anti fall device redundancy; safety stop for an immediate stop of all machine parts), OneWrap can improve customer productivity thanks to the automatic operating mode (up to 45 pallets/h).

The sturdy structure allows you to load up to 2.4 tons: this will increase the service life of the machine. The “octagonal” shape of the platform prevents damage due to accidental shocks on the machine, also ensuring a better and safer anchor for the options (ramp, pit frame, etc.).

The user friendly control panel is the brain of the machine: easy to use and able to manage the different customer scenarios in terms of force, it ensures perfect stability.

There is also the possibility to set film tension through mechanical/electromagnetic brake or mechanical/powered pre-stretch, ramp for soft start/stop of turntable, manual or automatic cycle and the possibility of adjusting the pallet film over-lap.

This machine provides a safe method for combining loads, while ensuring at the same time consistent pallet loading to meet your customers’ needs.

  • Sturdy with platform featuring loading capacity up to 2.4 T
  • Mechanical brake for an easy control of the machine
  • 10 programs/5 operating modes
  • Reduced overall dimensions
  • Intuitive interface
  • Easy firmware upgrades
  • Different types of carriages for all customer needs
  • Film saving thanks to a pre-stretch carriage (240% PS)
  • Top sheet and edge application
  • Transport cost optimization
  • USB port


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